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Prowee™ D - Men's Disposable Urine Incontinence Brief for Drop Dribbler (Fitted with Briefliner™)

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Features: • Made with soft, lightweight and body-hugging viscose blend material. • It is an essential personal hygiene aid is made feather-fit for comfort • Suitable for individuals with Minor incontinence Problem • This hygienic inner-wear is made with breathable material, sweat-absorbent and with antimicrobial properties making it an ideal wear for person with minor UI or dribbling Directions for Use: A) Replace if soiled or loaded B) Do not reuse C) In highly unlikely state of irritation or rash, discontinue the usage D) Do not flush E) Dispose of in a dry waste bin F) Not suitable for unusual stretch


Prowee™ D - a customized solution for those who are struggling with minor urine dribble/incontinence

Prowee™ D is a customized solution for millions who are struggling to deal with small quantity of urine dribble or incontinence, This is a common and rising concern of new age. It is not a disease but a condition induced due to stress or overactive bladder. It leads to embarrassment and limits activity. Urine leaks out at times when bladder is under pressure; it may happen with a sudden sneeze, cough or laugh. It manage this with ease maintaining the confidence and relieve the individual.

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